Help to use this site

How to search for services on Live Well Barnsley

Using the key word search

This is located at the top of the site and enables you to search for a support/facility within your chosen distance of a specific place or postcode.  If you know the type of service you are looking for you can enter the key words and the place and distance from the place that you are looking for the service to be.  Click the go button and it will bring up all of the services that contain your key words within your specified area.  

If you do not enter a place or distance the site will automatically default to the central Barnsley post code of S70 2TA and a distance of 8 miles

If you click on ‘show more options’ in the search box it will show even more criteria which will enable you to refine your search.

Search by Category

If you just want to browse or if you don’t have a clear enough idea of what you are looking for, you can do this by looking at the different categories.   On the home page of Live Well Barnsley there are a set of 6 categories such as ‘Community and Leisure’ and ‘Living at home’.  When you click on these it will take you to another set of sub-categories which contain services.  You can then browse the site by looking at the categories until you find something which is of interest to you.

Filtering your search results

Sometimes when you complete a search it will give you a high number of results.  These can be narrowed by using the filters in the refine your search box.  These allow you to filter your results further by service category, service type and postcode.

What information will I find?

When you have found a service or services you are interested in you can click on it to find more information.  Each page will be different but should typically show you the following details:

  • A description of the service provided
  • Who the service is for
  • Contact details for the service, such as phone number, e-mail address and website
  • A map of where there service is located 

Can I create a short list of the services I am interested in?

If you have found more than one service you are interested in you can create a short list of services by clicking on the ‘add to short list button’.  This will add the service to your short list which you can view by clicking on the ‘View my short list’ button at the top of the page. 

Leaving feedback on a service

You can leave feedback on a service by clicking on the ‘leave feedback’ button located above the map showing where the service is located.  You will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and the feedback you would like to provide.  When you send the feedback this will be sent to the company who look after the Live Well Barnsley site.  They will check and pass on the feedback to Barnsley Council. If necessary, your feedback will be sent to the service provider concerned, however, your name and contact information will not be shared without your consent. The feedback will not be published on Live Well Barnsley site.

Suggesting a service to be on Live Well Barnsley

We will be developing and making improvements to this site over the coming months and initially you may not find everything you are looking for.  In the meantime we will be very interested to hear your suggestions about services you think should be included by completing the missing services link on the home page.  On this page is a form you can fill out notifying us of the service which you think should be added to the site.  Once we have received this, we’ll try and get all the information we need to add that service to the site.

If you are providing a service that you think would be useful to include in the Live Well Barnsley Directory you may be interested in signing up as a user of the system. Only organisations providing services should request a login this way. You can read more about being a third party user of the system by clicking on the missing services link and requesting a log in.

Registering on Live Well Barnsley

If you are a regular user of Live Well Barnsley you may wish to have your own log in for the site.  This will enable you to save services as ‘favourites’ for later reference.  This is like a short list but is permanent and you can add/remove services as you wish from your favourites list.