Barnsley Local Television (BLTV)


Unit 1, Courtyard 3, Wentworth Road, Mapplewell, Barnsley,S75 6DT

Who we are

Barnsley Local Television - using communication technology for the benefit of Barnsley.


DMG is a community media organisation whose mission is to use communications technology for the benefit of the Borough of Barnsley. Its main project is to set up and run a local television service for the people of Barnsley and surrounding areas that will enhance the social, cultural and economic life of Barnsley. Our Barnsley Local TV website will be launched shortly using programmes already made and others planned for early 2018. We are receiving mentoring from The Social Enterprise Exchange Project in Sheffield on Marketing and the use of Social Media.

As well as developing BLTV, we have made commissioned video material for clients and we hope to carry on with this as DMG will be aiming to double the number of volunteers who currently work with us and to set up a number of production groups which can specialise in making specific types of TV programmes, be they news magazines, documentaries on local issues, health, housing, the environment or sport, or films on local history and the arts.

These projects require considerable discussion with local interest groups and potential partners, and demand a good level of organisation and production skills, as well as the technical ability behind a camera or in an editing suite.

A number of our volunteers already have film making and media skills that they wish to use for personal fulfilment, others wish to learn them. We organise frequent formal and informal training sessions for these volunteers, who also have the chance to work with the more experienced members on programme making and other projects. We need writers, researchers, presenters, editors and post-production workers, directors and producers, as well as people to do office administration and general organisation. It is a good way to develop your talents, learn to work as team, meet new people, both inside DMG and BLTV and outside among the groups and individuals we work with. So if you have experience or would love to learn more about the industry and you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.

Opening Times

Our Studio and office can be contacted between 10-00 am and 9-00 pm seven days a week. Production meetings are held fortnightly on Monday evenings from 6-30 pm to 8-00 pm we have ongoing Media Tr

Contact Details

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Role: Manager

Mobile number:07856 654054

Address: Unit 1, Courtyard 3, Wentworth Road, Mapplewell, Barnsley,S75 6DT


Address details:

Unit 1, Courtyard 3, Wentworth Road, Mapplewell, Barnsley,S75 6DT

Published: 09 August 2019