Thurnscoe TARA


25a Lansdowne Close, just off Church Street, Thurnscoe, S63 0TE

Who we are

A community group of tenants and residents that help to keep Thurnscoe a great and safe place to live.


Thurnscoe TARA is committed to making sure that tenants have a say in the decisions that affect them, their homes, and their local area. We want to empower tenants to get involved at a level that suits them. As a TARA we: -

  • Find out local people’s views on important events that are affecting our local area
  • Get fellow tenants and residents together in order to get something changed
  • Campaign for new facilities or against something happening in our area
  • Organise events and promote a greater sense of local community.

How we do this

  • We hold focus meetings, where we invite guest speakers, some which have been requested by our members and some which will increase our knowledge on a subject.
  • We try to hold these meetings every 2 months
  • We run a bingo session every Wednesday and have a drop in session on Monday
  • We are always looking for innovative ways to publicise our TARA, we are in the process of having Tee shirts printed with our new logo.

If you are interested in all things Thurnscoe, come along and join us!

Opening Times

Second Wednesday of each month at 11am

Contact Details

Contact name: Community Engagement Berneslai Homes

Email address:

Role: Coordinator

Phone number: 01226 772727

Mobile number:


Address details:

25a Lansdowne Close, just off Church Street, Thurnscoe, S63 0TE

Published: 09 August 2019