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To celebrate Black History Month we are asking you to tell us your story. We want to hear about your experiences living in Barnsley.


In order to celebrate Black History Month this October, Barnsley Council is collecting stories from residents to promote awareness and understanding of what it means to be Black in Barnsley. Your stories will be promoted internally to staff and on the council's social media channels.

If you'd like to get involved, please tell us about your experience and what Black History Month means to you.

You may wish to include information about who you are (e.g. your name, age), your life in Barnsley (e.g. what you do, how you're involved with the community, are you taking part in any learning) and your family history (why not include some old photos?). Your story can be positive or negative – we want honesty!

You can submit your story in two ways:        

  • Send us a short paragraph (around 150 words) and an accompanying photo.
  • Send us a video (around one minute long) from your smartphone. Please make sure it is filmed in landscape and that we can hear and see you clearly.
  • Alternatively, we can arrange a Zoom call and record you from there.

Please send this through to Jonathan or Florentine by 4pm Friday 18th September.

If you do not have access to an email address, please contact us by phone 01226 770610.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please inform Jonathan/Florentine and they can send your story in without your details.


Opening Times

Closing date 4pm Friday 18th September 2020

Contact Details

Contact name: Jonathan Doering

Email address:

Phone number: 01226 770610.

Mobile number:

Contact name: Florentine.Bootha-King

Email address:

Phone number: 01226 770610.

Mobile number:


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Published: 17 September 2020