Community Room, The Civic, Hanson St, S70 2HZ,

Who we are

My Barnsley Too is a disability equality forum which offers the opportunity for the residents of Barnsley to become actively involved in having their voice heard.

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We are now back meeting face to face, why not join us! 

My Barnsley Too is for all disabled people, their families, friends and supporters that offers the residents of Barnsley the opportunity to have their voice heard by the service providers.
BMBC, Berneslai Homes, Barnsley College, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and South Yorkshire Police may consult with My Barnsley Too.  We consult on all types of services including transport and leisure facilities, In town accessibility and the shaping of Barnsley town centre.

Together we have the ability to influence change, because it’s My Barnsley Too!

Would you like to have your say? - If yes then contact us!

Opening Times

9am - 4.30pm 

Contact Details

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Phone number: 0300 012 0412

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Community Room, The Civic, Hanson St, S70 2HZ,

Published: 09 August 2019