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The COVID-19 vaccination is available and it is your right to be protected from infectious diseases.


The COVID-19 vaccine is free to everyone in the UK. This includes all migrants.

Millions of people have had their COVID-19 vaccination in the UK. It is safe and does not contain any animal or harmful ingredients. It is the best way to prevent death or serious illness from COVID-19.

You do not need to have a GP or an NHS number to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • If you don’t have an NHS number you can contact your local GP surgery to organise the vaccine or attend a COVID-19 vaccination walk-in centre or pop-up centre.
  • If you have an NHS number, when you are invited for your vaccine, we encourage you to attend.

To help you decide what is best for you and anyone who lives with you, we will give you information about the COVID-19 vaccine and you can ask health staff about it.
You will never be forced to have the COVID-19 vaccine and it does not affect your asylum or refugee status. No immigration checks are needed to get tested, treated or vaccinated for COVID-19.

To have the best protection against COVID-19 you normally need to have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Once you have been vaccinated you will be given a card with information about your vaccine, if you can, take this card when you go for your second vaccination. If you are not given this card, please ask for one.

You can read more about the COVID-19 vaccination on the NHS website

Can I register with a GP?

Anyone in the UK can choose to register with a GP. Your GP can help you to access healthcare services.
You may be asked for proof of your address or ID. If you don’t have proof of your address or ID, tell them you don’t have it. You can still register with a GP.
If you have proof of address and ID, try and provide it if you can.

The information your doctor has about you and your health is confidential.
You can show the attached letter to the GP practice when you register, if you find that helpful.

For more help to find or register with a GP, talk to your housing worker or ring 0300 311 2233. You can get more information on the NHS website and use GP access cards.


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Published: 22 July 2021