Who we are

Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid.

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Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK is a website that is supporting local groups to support the most vulnerable in our communities.

  • You can register your group
  • Access local group resources
  • Access community resources 

We recognise that injustice doesn’t affect everyone equally and whilst we’re all at risk of Covid-19, there are some people who are more vulnerable and need greater support from the community. 

The basic idea is to coordinate care efforts for people who are self-isolating, especially if they are part of a more at risk demographic including the elderly, disabled and people with other pre-existing health issues.

We’re also trying to offer support to those people who are feeling most isolated/anxious throughout the pandemic. For people with mental health conditions this scale of panic can be overwhelming and so community support is vital. 

We’re a new group who have set up over the past few days. As such we’re still working out how to most effectively organise together and make our information accessible. Please be patient with us and if you have ideas or something to contribute to the organising, get in touch.

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Published: 03 June 2021