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Help with anger management and abusive behaviour.

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About Inspire to Change

At Cranstoun, we believe that no one should experience domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to feel safe, protected and empowered. At Cranstoun, we are here to help, we are here to empower and we’re here to challenge and change abusive behaviour.

Inspire to change tackles and challenges perpetrator behaviour. Through the Inspire to Change programme it gives participants:

  • An understanding of how to recognise the signs of domestic abuse
  • A better understanding of why they use violence or aggression in their relationships
  • An awareness of how attitudes and beliefs can affect behaviour
  • The practical tools to develop and maintain change
  • An improved and better life for themselves, their children and others affected by their behaviour

Inspire To Change also delivers the Level Up programme, for young people aged 11 to 15 years, presenting harmful behaviours to their family members or intimate partners.

What to expect from Cranstoun Inspire to Change?

At the first appointment fully trained staff will meet with participants to develop their own tailored engagement plan. Meetings can also be held online. The engagement plan may include:

  • Setting up one-to-one sessions
  • Participating in group work sessions

Staff will work closely with participants to ensure they feel comfortable and confident to take the next step in their Inspire to Change journey. Cranstoun Inspire to Change can also provide support and advice to help address wider issues linked to abusive behaviour such as addiction problems, debt and unemployment.

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Published: 09 August 2019