Hoylandswaine, S36 supporting Barnsley, Sheffield and other surrounding areas

Who we are

Creative arts for all ages and abilities shown step by step. Bringing people together to share creative ideas with an aim to support others in a safe environment.

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Creative Wellness Journey CIC aims to share information on various platforms:

  • Creative Wellness Journey CIC - Our new website for 2021

Creative Wellness Journey Facebook

  • Creative Wellness Group - Private Facebook group. A round-up of resources such as positive statements, creative projects, posts, fun and laughter, to mention a few. It also offers a secure place to learn and share (members only). I would really like members to share creative projects, ideas, fun things and anything that will encourage and help others in a group where they feel comfortable to share.
  • Debbie's Creative Corner -  @DebbieCreativeCorner page on Facebook. FREE creative projects anyone can do, that are art accessible to everyone.
  • Creative Mental Health Support Group - Open Facebook group. A space to share mental health awareness posts, information and support to raise awareness and end stigma.
  • Please visit our Blogspot for more information

Let's share the beauty of creativity.



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Always open


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Contact name: Debbie Crouch

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Hoylandswaine, S36 supporting Barnsley, Sheffield and other surrounding areas

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Cost: FREE

Published: 16 June 2020