McLintocks Bldg, Summer Lane, S70 2NZ

Who we are

Green Connections is about discover, nurture and create for like minded people interested in green space.

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Do you fancy some fresh air? whilst meeting like minded folk in a green space.

Does nature and the outdoors inspire you to get creative?

Then Green Connections, could be right up your path.  We'll be boosting our wellbeing by getting together for activities like gentle walking, green arts and crafts.  At the same time we'll be connecting with each other through learning and sharing skills.

To find out more, get in touch with Jeff.

Contact Details

Contact name: Jeff Platts

Email address: jeff.platts@dialbarnsley.org.uk

Mobile number:Text 07934 453151


Address details:

McLintocks Bldg, Summer Lane, S70 2NZ

Published: 17 February 2022