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Information about looking after your health during Covid-19. This is a guide for people living with severe mental illness.


This is a short guide for people with severe mental illnesses on practical ways to protect and support physical health during this uncertain and unsettling time.  We have worked with experts by experience and clinical professionals to create this resource, and we hope it will be helpful.

Maintaining physical health is now much harder than before, but it has never been more important.  Physical activity, stopping smoking and eating a healthy diet can help you feel better emotionally and mentally during this time.  Likewise, looking after our mental health makes it a lot easier to take care of our physical health.  (You can also visit Rethink Mental Illness for more information on Covid-19 and mental health.)

Whilst COVID-19 is dominating our lives, it's easy to neglect other health issues or to feel there isn't any help available.  While physical health checks might be postponed or adapted, it is still critical that we all continue to address our wider health as usual, making use of resources, such as our GP surgeries and mental health teams to maintain and optimise our health.

This guide is broken down into sections offering some practical ideas and sharing links to resources to help people living with a severe mental illness to look after their physical  health within the constraints of the current situation.  We have included some key ideas and tips based on existing research and our discussions with experts by experience and professionals.

The attached guide includes information on:

  • Smoking
  • Healthy eating
  • Keeping active
  • Healthy weight management
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Experiencing and recovering from Covid-19
  • Mental health support and crisis contacts


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Covid 19 Vaccine Severe Mental Illness December Update


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Published: 20 May 2020