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Information for adult migrant language learners wanting to learn English and what ESOL classes are available. This provision is available to migrants and those whom English is not their first language and those working with them.

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‘Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber’ is a free website for adult migrants wanting to develop their English language skills.

By visiting our website you will be able to find information about English (ESOL) classes in your area and across the Yorkshire and Humber region.  You will be able to find out which classes are free, where they are held and the day and time, what level they are at,  (e.g. basic conversation, English for Employability, Academic English for Higher Education, etc.) and whether childcare is available. 

We hope this website will be useful to learners, providers and support staff working with migrants in many different organisations.

For more information please contact your local Development Worker who covers Barnsley and the south Yorkshire area.

Contact Details

Contact name: Caroline Norman

Email address: carolinenormanmesh@gmail.com

Role: Development Worker

Mobile number:07534 987056


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Barnsley, UK

Published: 12 February 2020