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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is leading a campaign to help tackle the spread of false information about the COVID-19 vaccine.


We have developed tailored social media posts fronted by trusted community members, (faith leaders, clinicians and community leaders.)  These posts include simple tips on how to spot false information, critically analyse sources and stop its spread, signposting to the NHS as the most accurate source of information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The key message is to check before you share.

The intention of this toolkit is to empower people with the tools and knowledge they need to help counter false information within their communities.

Key Messaging

  • Sharing false information about the COVID-19 vaccine can be dangerous. Make sure you’re not contributing to the spread of harmful content online.
  • Check information about the COVID-19 vaccine before sharing it online. The NHS is the best source of information.
  • Inaccurate claims can circulate quickly — you can stop the spread of misinformation by checking the accuracy of information before passing it on.
  • Check before you share by asking yourself three questions before passing on information online. 
  • Look closely - does the information seem trustworthy?
  • Check - is it coming from an expert?
  • Still unsure if it’s true? Don’t share it.

Vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19. The vaccine can save lives.
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For more information and useful resources and videos, please see our attached document or visit the NHS website.


Tackling False Information Toolkit


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Published: 22 March 2021