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Information and videos about vaccination & Rapid Testing, The roadmap, maternity safety, test & trace and quarantine, all translated into Arabic, Bengali, Guajarati, Hindi, Punjabi (Indian & Pakistani), Polish, Solvak, Somali and Urdu. Also a video in British Sign Language (BSL).


Translated leaflets explaining rapid testing testing in various languages are attached as documents below.

NHSE Vaccination Videos

They explain how the vaccine is given, and give clear evidence that vaccines work and are safe.  It is hoped that the videos will be shared among friends, families, faith and community groups via WhatsApp, text message and on social media. They can be downloaded through the link above.

The languages the videos have been produced in are: Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu and Yoruba.

New Translated Resources

UK.Gov have translated key messages about access to Covid healthcare for visitors to the UK.

Available in: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali , Bulgarian, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Dari , Estonian, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Igbo, Italian, Korean, Kurdish (Sorani), Lithuanian, Malayalam, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi (Indian), Romanian, Russian, Sindhi, Slovak, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yoruba All languages

UK.Gov has produced guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus covering what you need to know, what can help your mental health and wellbeing, challenges you may be facing, and here to get help. It also covers advice for groups with additional mental health needs or facing specific issues

Available in: English, Easy-read, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu

NHS England and NHS Improvement North West have produced thorough Maternity Safety Information in booklet and poster form.

Available in: English: Booklet, Posters, Amharic: Booklet, PostersArabic: Booklet, Posters, Bangla: Booklet, Posters, Farsi: Booklet, Posters, French: Booklet, Posters, Hindi: Booklet, Posters, Kurdish (Sorani): Booklet, Posters, Somali: Booklet, Posters, Spanish: Booklet, Posters, Tigrinya: Booklet, Posters, Urdu: Booklet, Posters

Covid-19 Infographics, Doctors of the World UK and London in your Language have created this infographic on general vaccine information which summarises why we have vaccines, how they work, and their safety.

Available in: English, Arabic, Bengali, Italian, Spanish, Persian (Farsi), Somali, Tamil, and Chinese.

BBC Asian Network is helping people in the South Asian community to spot potential scams, with advice videos in five South Asian languages.

Available in UrduPunjabiSylhetiTamil and Gujarati.

UK.Gov translated guidance on how and when to get tested before going into hospital

Available in: English, Easy read, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Slovene, Somali, Urdu, Welsh

Every Mind Matters: produced videos offering mental health tips in different languages (with English subtitles)

Available in: EnglishBengali, GujaratiPolishPunjabiRomaniRomanianRussian


Information on how to access NHS volunteer response support.

Available in: English,  Cantonese (Traditional Chinese), Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Punjabi, Somali, Urdu. English text on original post.

Part 1:   Please explain how a vaccine works?

Why is it important that ethnic minorities have the vaccine?


SomaliSylhetiTamil, TurkishUrdu

Part 2:   When will I get the vaccine?

What is the process of getting the vaccine?

What’s it been like looking after patients with covid 19 in hospital?

EnglishArabicBengali FarsiGujaratiKurdishMalayalamPunjabiPunjabi


Part 3:   Is the vaccine safe?

What is MRNA and does the covid vaccine alter your DNA?


Part 4:   Is the vaccine Halal?

Have you had the vaccine and how do you feel?

How are things going with the vaccination programme so far?

Now we have the vaccine can we go back to normal?

EnglishArabicBengaliFarsi- Dari DialectKurdishPunjabi


To share the 4 part series in a particular language - share these links: 



PHE & MHCC Covid-19 Test & Trace: Incubation Period

Available in: ArabicBengaliFarsiGujaratiPunjabiPushtoSomaliSylhetiTamilUrdu

PHE & MHCC Covid-19 Test & Trace: Symptoms

Available in: ArabicBengaliFarsiGujaratiPunjabiPushtoSomaliSylhetiTamilUrdu

UK. Gov Vaccine series – BSL added

Guide for older adults, Guide for women of childbearing age, what to expect after your covid vaccination

Government confirms mandatory hotel quarantine.

From 15 February anyone travelling to the UK from a country on the UK’s travel ban list will be required to quarantine in a government-approved facility for 10 days. For full details see the government website.


COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Albanian
COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Arabic
COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Farsi
COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Kurdish Kurmanji
COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Kurdish Sorani
COVID 19 Rapid Testing A5 Leaflet (1) Amended Graphics Urdu


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Published: 05 February 2021