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Across South and West Yorkshire, The Humber and Harrogate

Who we are

Yorkshire Cancer Community is a network of people affected by cancer and those who support cancer patients and carers in the Yorkshire and Humber area. Join us for our first face to face meeting!

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We aim to enable the views and experiences of cancer patients, families and friends to be heard and used to improve the quality of cancer care in our region. We do this by working together with health and social care professionals to ensure the patient's voice is always taken into account, especially when designing or refreshing services. We have a patient board with representatives from all areas of Yorkshire and the Humber who lead the work of the Yorkshire Cancer Community. 

Together with the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Cancer Alliance we are working on a new project to create a dynamic network of people in local communities who will be trained and supported to share information and key messages by talking to their families, friends, neighbours and wider personal and professional networks about issues relating to cancer.

It is hoped that the project will also capture the interest of people who may not necessarily have had personal or family experience of cancer, but who in their daily lives come into contact with members of the public and are ideally placed to share information. This could potentially include hairdressers and beauty therapists, staff working on public transport, retail workers, and staff working in emergency services.

This work will also support the objectives of both the Cancer Alliance and Yorkshire Cancer Community to reach those people who currently experience barriers to cancer information, support and services, including people with a learning disability, teenagers and young adults with cancer, and black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities.

We offer information on Facebook and Twitter, email, updates, a quarterly newsletter and an informative website.

For more information, contact the Yorkshire Cancer Community today. Check our autumn newsletter attached.


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Contact Details

Contact name: Jill Long

Email address: info@yorkshirecancercommunity.co.uk

Phone number: 01924 787 379

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Across South and West Yorkshire, The Humber and Harrogate

Published: 09 August 2019