Who we are

Alateen is a place just for teens affected by someone else's alcoholism.

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Alateen meetings are for 12-17 year olds inclusive.

We believe alcoholism is a family disease that affects everyone in the family. By attending online or in-person meetings, young people gain an understanding of the illness and feel the benefits of realising they are not alone. They learn that they did not cause this problem and that they are not responsible for their relative’s or friend’s drinking or behaviour. Young people share their experiences of having, or having had, a problem drinker in their lives. They help and support each other.

Find an Alateen meeting

Meetings are available online –

  • First Monday of each month at 7.30pm
  • Every Wednesday at 7pm.
  • Second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm.
  • Every Saturday at 11am.
  • Second and fourth Sunday of each month at 7pm.

To attend an online meeting you will need access to the Zoom app and be in a quiet place with a good internet signal. Only young people 12-17 years inclusive can be present in the Group so please use earphones if there is anyone nearby that might overhear the meeting. Please join with camera and microphone on so that the Group can see and hear you.

Due to safeguarding, meeting login, and address can only be given to the young person. Please call 020 7593 2070 (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm).

To attend an Alateen meeting, an Alateen Consent Form (see below) must be completed and signed by the young person and a parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian accompanies the young person to their first meeting to give permission to attend. The permission is only needed to be given once before the meeting starts, the parent/legal guardian does not stay at the meeting. If attending an in-person Group, the completed form is given to the adult Screened Group Sponsor.


Opening Times

Our helpline is open 7 days a week 0800 0086 811


Contact Details

Contact name: Alateen

Phone number: Helpline 0800 0086 811

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Published: 23 September 2020