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Available in Barnsley

Who we are

Travel training helps to develop skills that people need to travel independently and safely. We offer travel support for you to travel independently for the first time or if you’ve lost the skills and confidence to travel on public transport.

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We’re committed to making Barnsley a place that everyone can enjoy. Our travel training can help you to access opportunities in and around the borough including social activities, education and work. If you need support to use local services, like buses to get out into the community or go to the shops, you might qualify for funding for this service.

The service focuses on supporting:
• adults with a learning or physical disability
• people with sensory impairments
• children with special educational needs
• people who have mental health issues
• children and young people in transition
• other vulnerable people

How it works

We have a team of trainers who will meet with you and your family or carers to talk about your needs and experience of travelling.

When we know more about the kind of support you need, we’ll look at things that will help you to be able to travel confidently and safely, like physical, mobility or other personal challenges that you can overcome. A risk assessment is completed to make sure you’re as safe as possible on your journey and you’re aware of things that might need your focus.

Our service matches you with a suitable ‘travel buddy’ from our team of trainers. We’ll help you to plan how to get to where you’re going on your journey whether that’s walking and learning to cross the road safely or using buses and trains.

We can produce these documents in a way that’s easy for you to read when you need them.
To help you, we’ll use things like flip-over books and pictures showing the routes by landmarks. We’ll give you a help card with emergency contact numbers on in case you need them.

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation initial meeting to discuss your requirements. For those in most need of support we’ll arrange to carry out a social care assessment.

For more information visit or give us a call.


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Available in Barnsley

Published: 09 August 2019