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Register with Powergrid for extra help during a power cut for older, vulnerable people.


The Priority Service Register (PSR) is free to join. As a Priority Service Customer, we will make sure you receive extra help if there is a power cut. Registering online is easy, we just need a few details about you, or the person you care for. If you have any problems registering, we are just a free phone call away.

The Priority Service Register Promise:

The Priority Service Register helps energy companies look after their customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs. It helps them tailor their services to support households that may need extra help.

The PSR promise is made by all participating energy companies in England, Wales and Scotland. They promise to only share details as agreed with you, about your personal situation with trusted partners/parties** so they can tailor their services to help you.

By energy companies sharing your details with trusted partners/parties, you’ll get extra support when you need it. For example, some customers depending upon their circumstances may be given priority if there’s a power cut. Privacy laws will always be followed and your PSR information will never be used for marketing. Once you’ve joined, you may be contacted to make sure your details are accurate and up to date. This will make sure energy companies can give you the best support for your needs.

If anything about your situation changes you can tell your energy company and they’ll update your details. If you don’t want to be on the PSR anymore, just ask to be removed and they’ll do this for you. If you want to know more about the PSR, speak with your energy company, or you can visit their website. **partners/parties include trusted charities such as the British Red Cross, who may assist during incident situations to support companies in safeguarding you and other household members.

Contact Details

Contact name: Powergrid Care Team

Role: Customer Service

Phone number: 0800 169 2996

Mobile number:

Address:, to complete, download or request an application form via the post,


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Cost: FREE

Published: 09 August 2019