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Over 1/4 million people need Changing Places toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted.

The Changing Places Consortium is a group of organisations working to support the rights of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities. Established in 2005, the consortium campaigns for Changing Places to be installed in all big public spaces so people can access their community.

Listed are the facilities available in Barnsley are available at

You can find out more about a toilet or changing facilities in your local area or to plan a journey further afield by visiting our website and our Toilet Map for more information.

Changing Lives. Sometimes you just need to change one thing to open up a world of possibility.....

For more in depth information about disabled access in hundreds of venues across the UK you can also visit



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Contact name: If you have any questions about using or locating Changing Places, registration, signage or supporting the campaign, get in touch with us.

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Across Barnsley

Published: 09 August 2019