Who we are

An ESOL project for students and teachers to have their say about issues of the day whilst learning a new language.


The ESOL Podcast is a podcast made by ESOL students and teachers, for ESOL students. It is a collaboration between Amy Jowett and English for Action. A new podcast will be release on EfA’s Soundcloud at the beginning of each week. You can find it through The ESOL Podcast Facebook page.

Why does the world we need another podcast?

This is an ESOL podcast, and as far we know there is no other. It's an opportunity for ESOL students to have their say about the issues of the day beyond the ephemeral walls of their Zoom classrooms. The world needs to know what ESOL students are saying.

How will it be used?

We hope that ESOL students will listen to it in order to engage with the discussions of the day, learn new language and connect with the ESOL community across the UK. We hope that students will also have fun and learn lots making the podcasts. ESOL teachers can use it in their classes by using clips and designing listening activities.

How can I get involved?

If an ESOL class would like to make a podcast please get in touch through the Facebook page. If an ESOL student would like to be interviewed for a student profile, please also send us a message. Otherwise, please listen and let us know what you think.



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Contact name: Please contact us through our Facebook page.

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Published: 04 June 2020