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Enabling all ex-Service personnel and their families to transition into successful and fulfilled civilian lives.

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Each year approximately 15,000 people leave the UK Armed Forces and for the vast majority they transition successfully into the civilian world, their lives having been enormously enriched by their time in service. However, some need additional support, and it is these most vulnerable people that Forces in Mind Trust exists to help.

All our grants and commissions are intended to generate sustained change that improves the lives of ex-Service personnel and their families.  We also recognize that it can be as important to know what does not work as what does, and we do not consider such precious funds wasted.

Our can help with:

  • Housing - All veterans and their families are able to access good quality, affordable, secure and sustainable accommodation solutions.
  • Employment - All ex-Service personnel and their spouses achieve successful employment outcomes.

  • Health - All Veterans and their families enjoy a state of positive physical and mental health and wellbeing, enabling them to contribute to and benefit from wider society.

  • Finance - All ex-Service personnel and their families achieve an appropriately sustainable and stable financial state according to their circumstances and needs.

  • Criminal Justice - Ex-Service personnel and their families avoid adverse contact with the Criminal Justice System, with effective support being available if needed.

  • Relationships - All ex-Service personnel can access effective support to enjoy positive inter-personal relationships in family, professional and social environments.

  • Enabler - The enablement of measures to promote and support coordinated initiatives benefiting the wider ex-Service community.

Check our website to check check your eligibility and apply.


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Published: 18 March 2022