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Telecare Choice is protecting elderly and disabled people across the UK. Telecare Choice alarms and pendants can help people living alone to feel safe and stay independent.


Telecare Choice is a leading provider of telecare services in the UK. We believe that telecare should be affordable and available to all and that the service delivered should be of the highest possible standard.

It has been consistently proven that telecare has a great impact on the lives of the elderly, people with disabilities and people with long term medical conditions. telecare Choice makes a special effort to ensure that this lifesaving service can be accessed by all who need it. Our service is provided across the whole of the UK so that anyone can obtain the reassurance that telecare brings.

We also make sure our plans are affordable enough even for those on a low income or tight budget. Should you like to order a postal information pack simply complete our online form and we will dispatch your free Info Pack within 24 hours:

To order a new alarm you can call our customer service centre on 0800 635 7000 or place an order online.

Choose independence. Choose telecare.

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Published: 20 March 2020