Are You New To Barnsley ? Registering with a GP


Health Integration Team, 170a Sheffield Road, Barnsley, S70 4NW

Who we are

Information on registering with a GP in Barnsley. This venue is part of the Barnsley Safe Places Scheme.

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Finding a Doctor

Before you register, contact the GP surgery to confirm that is covers the address where you are living or staying temporarily. You can register with any GP in your local area as long as they have space for new patients. You can also get help by:
• Asking at the library
• Asking friends
• Asking your housing case worker
• Asking local organisations such as schools, mosques, temples and churches
• Looking on the NHS Choices website –
• Asking a support worker

What does it cost?

There is no charge to register with a GP in England. Once you are registered, there is also no charge to see your GP. If your GP decides to give you medicine, you will receive a prescription.

Are you new to Barnsley ?

  • Do you have health problems?
  • Do you have problems registering with a GP?
  • Do you want advise about health?

Contact the Health Integration Team on 01226 731686

Barnsley Safe Places

Barnsley Safe Places welcomes anyone over the age of 16 to join as a member. Anyone can feel unsafe or unsure whilst out and about if something goes wrong. The venues available in Barnsley have been trained to be welcoming and helpful to anyone and everyone. There are a variety of venues such as libraries and cafes so you can find a quiet place by yourself or get help. For more information about this venue, visit

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Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm 

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Contact name: Health Integration Team

Phone number: 01226 731686

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Address: 170a Sheffield Road, Barnsley, S70 4NW


Address details:

Health Integration Team, 170a Sheffield Road, Barnsley, S70 4NW

Published: 09 August 2019