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Who we are

We provide employability and employment support to working age veterans in the UK.


We provide employability and employment support to working age veterans in the UK. Current estimates are that one million working age veterans live in the UK. We know that unemployment rates for working age veterans are higher than for civilians.

We support veterans through life including those who have served for a short time and are in the 18-24 year old age range, through to older veterans. The over 50’s are increasingly recognised as facing greater challenges in finding employment.

1. Early Intervention and for those most in need: Our work includes early intervention, supporting veterans to find a new job, often when they have not succeeded in finding jobs through general civilian support. We prevent working age veterans from becoming long-term unemployed so that they can sustain an income and provide a stable life for themselves and their families.

2. We increasingly work with those who are unemployed, who face higher barriers to employment and have a longer journey back to work. To do this, we link with welfare, healthcare and housing charities as well as working with veterans in the criminal justice sector.

We offer life-long, life-changing support.

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Contact name: Mr Dave Hilton

Email address: dhilton@theforcesemploymentcharity.org.uk

Phone number: 01132 469065

Mobile number:07852287831

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Email address: info@rfea.org

Phone number: 0121 262 3058

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Published: 09 August 2019