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The charity is non-judgmental and provides speedy, practical support to veterans in crisis regardless of rank, age, ethnicity, gender, religion or length of service

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Everyone is treated as an individual and support is offered to those who are homeless, facing homelessness or in any other situation that requires emergency aid.

The help provided is immediate, practical and needs-led. Veterans aid would rather meet people before they get into trouble or develop debt, legal, drug, alcohol or financial problems, but it is there for all veterans in crisis genuinely seeking to address their difficulties.

Specialist staff deal with rehab/detox, accommodation, legal issues and help with education, training and employment.  Its commitment to holistic solutions is delivered by examining and addressing the causes of homelessness, crisis and social isolation; acting immediately to address problems and crafting bespoke, collaborative programmes for each individual seeking aid with a view to s/he sustaining an independent and rewarding life.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help and support you.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Contact Details

Contact name: If you are in crisis, You can call, email or visit us for help and support

Email address:

Phone number: 0800 012 6867 (Freephone)

Mobile number:0207 828 2468

Address: Veterans Aid, 27 Victoria Square, London, `,SW1W 0RB


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Throughout the UK

Published: 09 August 2019