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Manx Arms, 32 Sheffield Rd, S70 1HP,

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Banter and Breakfast with Barnsley Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club.

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Welcome to the Barnsley Breakfast Club. One of the growing network of Veterans 'Breakfast Clubs', both here and in Europe.  We are a group of veterans and serving members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.  There are no commitments or subs... just a great place to meet like minded people for support, chat and banter... not forgetting a great breakfast.

When requesting to join, please check all your message boxes from one the admin team.  Please check the group for dates and any updates.

We have representatives from the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines, so if you want to come along, join in the banter, as long as you have a uniform service history, or association with such, and can cope with the sense of humour you are welcome.  It really works because we all have a similar outlook on life; similar sense of humour but whilst we don't mind the banter, abuse, bullying and or harassment will not be tolerated.  Anyone found harassing and bullying will be deleted and blocked from the club.  So please enjoy and any problem, please don't air it on the wall, please contact a member of admin for help and advice.

Spread the word, come along and enjoy!

Opening Times

Manx Arms - Saturday morning from 9.30am

The Snap Tin - Alternate Fridays 9.30am 11am 

Contact Details

Contact name: Robin Chalky White

Email address:

Role: Coordinator

Mobile number:07557 227117

Address: Manx Arms

Contact name: The Snap Tin Cafe

Email address:

Phone number: 01709 252272

Mobile number:


Address details:

Manx Arms, 32 Sheffield Rd, S70 1HP,

The Snap Tin Cafe, 1 Barnburgh Lane, Goldthorpe, S63 9PG

Published: 09 August 2019