Metrodome Leisure Complex, Queens Rd, S71 1AN

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All types of swimming throughout the week in the leisure centres across Barnsley.

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Barnsley Premier Leisure offer swims throughout the week at:

  • Barnsley Metrodome
  • Hoyland
  • Dearnside
  • Royston

Please contact each Leisure Centre for times and days for the swim for you.

Contact Details

Contact name: Metrodome Leisure Complex

Email address: metrodomeenquiries@bpl.org.uk

Phone number: 01226 730060

Mobile number:

Contact name: Hoyland Leisure Centre

Email address: hoylandenquiries@bpl.org.uk

Phone number: 01226 744063

Mobile number:

Contact name: Dearnside Leisure Centre

Email address: dearnsideenquiries@bpl.org.uk

Phone number: 01709 880040

Mobile number:

Contact name: Royston Leisure Centre

Email address: roystonenquiries@bpl.org.uk

Phone number: 01226 722991

Mobile number:


Address details:

Metrodome Leisure Complex, Queens Rd, S71 1AN

Hoyland Leisure Centre, West St, Hoyland, S74 9EH

Dearnside Leisure Centre, Goldthorpe Road, S63 9EN

Royston Liesure Centre, Station Rd, Royston, S71 4HZ

Published: 01 April 2022