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Information on how to have a smart meter for people with a learning or physical disability or without an internet connection.

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Yes, Smart meters can be used offline !

Smart meters are replacing the gas and electricity meters we all have used. Smart meters send your gas and electricity reading straight to your supplier so you don't have to.  Because you can see your energy usage on the display screen (IHD) this helps you think about how much energy you use.

You can help Great Britain take a step in the right direction by getting a smart meter in your home.  Smart meters are helping Britain save more energy and helping you to save on your bills too.

  • Smart meters could help to make your bill correct
  • Meter Readings are done automatically, so you don’t have to do them
  • You can see how much gas/ electricity is being used in pound and pence using the display.
  • Prepay customers can see how much credit they have and top up more easily

An accessible display called an  (AIHD) has been developed with people with additional needs such as people who:

  • Have problems with their hands
  • Have difficulty seeing
  • Find it hard to understand things
  • Struggle with their memory

The display has sound and pictures.

The display has been developed in partnership with RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People).

You can contact your energy supplier for more information or visit https://www.speakup.org.uk/smart-meters-are-for-me



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Published: 22 October 2021