Who we are

Teen Corner is a place just for teens affected by someone else's alcoholism.


Alateen is for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen is part of Al-Anon.

We believe that alcoholism is a family disease that affects everyone in the family.  Alateen meetings are for 12-17 year olds.  They meet and share their experiences of having, or having had, a problem drinker in their lives.

Alateen is a place where members come together to:

  • Share experiences, strength and hope with each other to find effective ways to cope with problems.
  • Discuss difficulties and encourage one another.
  • Help each other understand the principles of the Al-Anon programme through the use of the Twelve steps and Alateen's Twelve Traditions.
  • They also gain an understanding of the illness and feel the benefits of realising they are not alone.  They learn that they did not cause this problem and that they are not responsible for their relative's or friend's drinking or behaviour. 

Alateen Chat

Chat live with other teens in any of the scheduled meetings! Young people aged 13 to 18 who have been affected by someone else's drinking are invited to share experience, strength and hope with other teens.

Due to Covid-19 we are holding meetings electronically. Visit our website to find out more information or phone our General Service Office.

Opening Times

Our helpline is open 7 days a week 0800 0086 811

Email us for more information about Alateen meeting in Barnsley


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Contact name: General Service Office

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Phone number: Helpline 0800 0086 811

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Published: 23 September 2020