Priory Campus, Pontefract Rd, Lundwood, S71 5PN

Who we are

Are in interested in Volunteering and would like more information on how to get involved?

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If you are interested in volunteering and don’t know where to start then get in contact to speak to one of our volunteer advisors who can advise you about how to get into volunteering.

We can provide you with information about what volunteering roles are out there, what would suit your skills, help you apply, as well as providing general advice and guidance.

We can do this in person at a community venue to suit you, over the phone, online via video call or via email.

As well as visiting our website to find out what volunteering opportunities are near you, you can also download our app from the App store on Apple or Play Store on Android. 

Just search ‘Barnsley CVS’ and look for our logo.  It is a great way to search for volunteering opportunities near to you, based you your location.  If you have an account with us, you can apply for the role straight from your phone. (You can sign up for an account for free on website.)

Please contact us for more information.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm

Contact Details

Contact name: Rachel Neale

Email address:

Role: Volunteer Manager

Phone number: 01226 812183

Mobile number:


Address details:

Priory Campus, Pontefract Rd, Lundwood, S71 5PN

Published: 13 August 2021