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Who we are

New to Barnsley, Pickleball is a great all-round sport for all ages, providing lost of fun.

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What is pickleball?

Fast becoming one of the most popular racket sports in the world, pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Players can play as both singles and doubles, using paddles to hit a plastic ball between them.

Who can play pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It’s easy to pick up for beginners and is a great way to exercise, keep active with friends and meet new people.

Best of all, it’s a low-impact sport, that’s easy on the joints and it can help you build your fitness while playing a fun and challenging game.

We have sessions in Barnsley so why not come along and give it a try!

Opening Times

Monday Game Changer - 11am - Worsbrough Miners 

Monday Open Play - 5pm - 7pm Penistone

Tuesday - 10am - YMCA

Tuesday 1pm & 8pm Hoyland

Wednesday Beginners 10am - 11am - Dorothy Hyman

Wednesday Open Play - 5pm - 6pm - Penistone

Thursday 12.30pm - YMCA

Saturday - Pickleball Clinic - Dorothy Hyman - TBC

Mon - Fri One to one training. - contact us for more information

Contact Details

Contact name: Barnsley Pickleball

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Address details:

Penistone Grammer School, Huddersfield Road, Penistone, S36 7BX

Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre, Snydale Rd, Cudworth, S72 8LH

Barnsley Academy, Farm Rd, S70 3DL

Published: 17 October 2023