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Who we are

Video and audio films and programmes to help with the self management of dementia.

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The Sound Doctor make high quality films and audio programmes designed to help healthcare professionals advise their patients managing long term conditions safely and effectively at home These are provided in bite-sized films that are easy to understand and watch.

We have an extensive range of films in our library supporting people affected by Dementia, topics include:

  • Understanding dementia
  • What is dementia?
  • Different types of dementia
  • The progression of dementia
  • Can I reduce my risk of getting dementia?
  • The symptoms of dementia
  • Early symptoms of dementia
  • Memory loss
  • Communication problems
  • Incontinence Discovering you have dementia
  • Taking the first step
  • Diagnosing dementia
  • Discovering you have dementia
  • The benefits of diagnosis Planning ahead
  • Now you’ve been diagnosed
  • Where can I turn for help?
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Benefits and allowances
  • Powers of attorney
  • Driving with dementia
  • Caring for someone with dementia
  • Becoming a carer - Looking after yourself as a carer
  • How Barbara coped
  • Understanding the person 
  • Communicating
  • Coping with unusual behaviours
  • Living well with dementia
  • Coping with memory loss - Keeping active
  • Don’t hide away
  • Keeping your independence
  • Making your home dementia friendly
  • Thinking about residential care
  • Choosing a care home
  • Medicines that may help

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49/51 Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2PY

Published: 09 August 2019