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The My Body is My Body is an internationally acclaimed Musical body safety programme that teaches children about body safety through music and song.

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We are passionate about protecting children. The consequences of child abuse for the affected child and society are substantial, and education is one the best ways to prevent abuse from happening.  Therefore, our priority is to reach and educate as many children, parents and communities before the abuse occurs using our FREE positive, musical animated programme.

The MBIMB programme will give you a different and empowering way to approach the problematic subjects around child abuse and the body safety with children.

Songs are also a wonderful way for children to remember the important messages being taught as they are interactive.  Music has the power to hold a child's attention, and the more involved the children are, the more of the subject matter will be retained.

The beauty of the MBIMB programme is that is can be taught by anybody. Social Workers, teachers, day care providers, parents, after-school programmes providers, sports club organisers and anyone working with children.  It is simple and memorable and opens up channels of communication about the subject of abuse, which is of the upmost importance.

All our resources are Free. Please visit our website to find a host of further information and resources.

We have online courses on:

  • Introduction to Child Maltreatment
  • How to teach the My Body Is My Body programme.

We also have the resources in other languages:

Dutch -

Croatian -


French -

Greek -

Spanish -

Portuguese -

Arabic -



Sinhala -

Xhosa -

If you want to know more, please visit our website or contact us.


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Published: 03 October 2022